Grow BIG in Small Spaces!: The Urban Farmer’s Practical Guide To Container Gardening & Home Canning Collection (The Urban Farmer Series) Price: $19.99 (as of 01/02/2024 21:20 PST- Details)


There’s no such thing as ‘not enough space’. Discover the power of container gardening and home canning… and let your stocked cupboards speak for themselves.

If you don’t have a lot of space, producing a thriving vegetable garden might seem like an unachievable dream – let alone producing enough harvest to preserve your vegetables to see you through the winter.

But you’d be surprised what you can achieve with containers… and this comprehensive two-book bundle will show you everything you need to know to not only grow your own organic food in pots and containers but to preserve it, too.

In this one-stop-shop to grow-your-own success, you’ll discover:

  • The secret to a thriving container (and what you need to get right before you plant a thing)
  • How to choose the crops you’ll plant for the best results – complete with easy-to-grow vegetables ideal for container gardening
  • Why the container you choose matters – and how to pick the right one
  • Everything you need to know about healthy soil (and how to nurture it)
  • The 4 essential components of an abundant harvest
  • A complete guide to fertilization and organic pest control
  • The right way (and the right time) to harvest
  • An introduction to home canning – read about its origins and discover what it still has to offer today
  • A complete guide to canning methods – plus the essential abbreviations you’ll need to know to make sense of any canning recipe
  • Over 99 easy home canning recipes, covering everything from soups and stews to pickles, jams, and pie fillings

And much more!

Packed with expert tips and advice, this double-the-value guide will see you growing and preserving like you’ve done it all your life – no matter how much experience you start with.

Turn your small space into a gardener’s paradise… and enjoy the bounty all year round. Scroll up and click Buy NOW right now.