Small Space Homesteader: Love your space as you learn to grow 13 fruits and vegetables, with seasonal planner Price: $7.99 (as of 01/02/2024 21:15 PST- Details)



Would you like to grow some food to be more self-sufficient but don’t know how to start or feel challenged by living in a small space?


Even if you live in an apartment or only have a small deck or garden you can get started on your homesteading journey by learning how to grow 13 common fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed during the course of one year, using the seasonal planner. From spring onions and early potatoes in spring, to fruits, salads, herbs and fruits in the summer, to autumn fruits and early root vegetables in the fall, right through to the root vegetables in winter.


You don’t have to give up your conveniences or live off-grid to homestead but it’s about being resourceful and self-sufficient. It’s about ensuring a reliable food supply in these uncertain times of supply chain issues. It’s also about knowing what has been sprayed onto your food or what is in the soil. You can control how healthy you want it to be.


Perhaps the biggest change you will notice, is the taste! The taste of home-grown fruit and vegetables cannot be compared. Succulent and delicious, picked fresh that day, you will be amazed at the taste difference.


All of the produce here can be grown in containers, if your space is limited.


Cost-saving is another huge benefit that comes with growing your own food. So get started with this easy, cost-saving guide and you will love the change, in your health and wallet!