Aquaponics: Raising Fish & Growing an Abundance of Tasty, Organic Vegetables – Without the Confusion & Cycling Problems! (Smarter Home Gardening) Price: $13.57 (as of 01/02/2024 19:11 PST- Details)


What the world’s most experienced aquaponic farmers know, that you don’t…

“Aquaponic production of fish and plants is one of the most environmentally sustainable farming methods of the twenty-first century.” – Journal of King Saud University – (Science, Vol. 32, January 2020)

Do you want to do your part for our increasingly fragile earth?

Have you got a strained back or sore knees from bending over to tend your old, soil garden?

Or maybe you just long to try something different, something new & exciting?

Well then, let me introduce you to a superior way of gardening, Aquaponics.

Perhaps you’ve already got your hands dirty, but then encountered some of these frustratingly common problems?

Nutrient deficiencies? Insect infestations? Maybe you’re struggling to build your system? All beginners will inevitably face these challenges – and there’s so many pitfalls that can easily lead to dying plants and unhealthy fish. With the tried and tested, simple steps laid out in this book, rest assured that you can make Aquaponics work and create a sustainable,easy-to-run, organic fruit & vegetable producing garden.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside this book…

  • · Discover three ways you can speed up system cycling, saving you 4-8 weeks of frustration – Pg 97

    · Which water testing parameters are important, and which are a waste of time

    · In-depth comparisons of DWC, Media Filled Beds & NFT – so you know which technique suits your situation best

    · An expert’s opinion on buying pre-made vs building your own system – Pg 51

    · The obvious feeding error that most new growers make!

    · Why you should never raise Neon Tetras alongside other fish…

    · Learn key aspects of the nitrogen cycle, from an author with a Chemistry Major – Pg 155

    · The #1 solution to plant iron deficiency, that’s so simple it will blow your mind

    · The common misconception people have about VermiponicsPg 159

    · And much, much more!

Regardless of whether you don’t have the slightest clue as to how you should build your aquaponic system, or whether you don’t even know what you want to (or can!) grow with Aquaponics, this book will reveal absolutely everything you need to know to go from an embarrassed beginner to being the best aquaponic grower in your city or state!

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