Greenhouse and Raised Bed Gardening: 2 books in 1. The Year-Round Self-Sufficiency Guide. Build your own Greenhouse or Raised Bed and Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables both indoor and outdoor Price: $21.47 (as of 01/02/2024 21:23 PST- Details)


Either enjoying your outdoor vegetable garden during the warm season OR keep gardening year round, you have got to choose, right? Wrong!

If you want them both, please keep reading.

Here you have collected together two of the most appreciated books of Chauncey Cruz Jr: Greenhouse Gardening and Raised Bed Gardening.

When we noticed that the two books were frequently bought by the same readers, it struck us as odd, but thinking about it it makes perfect sense.

A greenhouse is the best way to continue your gardening during the wintertime, either because we want to grow plants that can’t stand the cold, or because, there’s no shame in it, we’re the ones who don’t like working on our vegetable garden outdoors when the days get shorter and it starts to get cold, but the advantages of a raised bed garden can easily be preserved in a greenhouse. In fact, building a raised bed into a greenhouse is a great idea.

And on the other hand, the raised bed garden you have lovingly cultivated during the warm season, could be converted for the winter with a small greenhouse or a cold frame, while there are some fruits and vegetables that should be grown in a greenhouse all the year, regardless of the weather outside

So it turned out that our readers are smarter than us (but not than Chauncey, whose amused comment at our “discovery” was ‘of course!’).

Then, since in most cases our readers eventually ended up buying both books, why not bring them together and offer twice the content at a more convenient price?

So here you have Greenhouse and Raised Bed Gardening where you will discover:

  • How to find the greenhouse that fits for you
  • The 5 resources you need to build an effective Greenhouse (and surprise! Money is only the fifth)
  • The 6 points to consider before building your first raised bed garden
  • 12 reasons why you should choose Raised Bed Gardening over traditional gardening
  • A 6 steps guide to build a wooden raised bed and a 8 steps guide for a bricks one
  • 10 fruits you can grow in a greenhouse (a couple of them may surprise you a little, but there is one you would have never imagined you can actually grow by yourself)
  • How to choose what to grow in your raised bed (season and location are only two factors)
  • 7 perfect vegetable to be grown in a greenhouse (it will be just like sending your garden on winter holidays)
  • Of what material you can make your Raised Bed (wood and bricks are the most common, but you have at least 5 more options to choose among)
  • 6 kind of flowers you can plant in your greenhouse (and why this will benefit the whole indoor garden and not just the eyes)
  • The one product that is neither a vegetable, nor fruit, nor a flower, that you can easily grow in your greenhouse (and that can give you some good money on the market)
  • The 5 most common mistakes in raised bed gardening, and the 9 in greenhouse gardening (and how to avoid them)
  • 5 ways to protect your plants (none of which involves chemicals)

Secure yourself an all-year-round harvest of any crop you want, and enjoy this one more step on the path of self-sufficiency: scroll to the top of this page and click the BUY NOW button