Easy Peasy Crops in Pots: A Comprehensive Guide to Container Gardening for the Modern City Dweller, the Practical Solution to Growing Your Own Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs in Tiny Urban Spaces

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Experience a greener lifestyle with this comprehensive guide to container gardening!

Whether you only have a tiny balcony, an apartment fire escape, a window sill or just a kitchen countertop, it’s not an impossibility to do some gardening! Easy Peasy Crops in Pots shows you how to make use of whatever little chunk of outdoor and indoor space available to you to get you started on growing your very own fruits, vegetables and herbs!

This book serves as a useful resource that guides you step-by-step from start to finish. It will hold your hand in every step of the way from choosing what to plant, where you place them, what you need, to how you set things right and maintain the plants, all through to successful harvest.

This is a wonderfully accessible book for anyone looking to start gardening. It has everything you need to know to successfully garden in a small space, including practical tips and individual plant profiles which provide convenient information on relevant attributes and easy-to-follow growing instructions for each plant.

Through Easy Peasy Crops in Pots, you’ll discover, among other things:
• Detailed Basics of Container Gardening
• Fertilizers and Pest Management that Work
• Indoor and Outdoor Edibles
• Herb Gardening and Microgreens
• Crop Harvesting and Storing
• Plant Propagation

A handy companion that supports you in taking the leap towards a more organic, self-sufficient living! Add To Cart now and have yourself a go-to resource that contains all the ins and outs of small-space gardening!