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Do you want to learn how to grow plants using containers, companion planting and vertical gardening.? If yes, then keep reading…

Some things truly never change. While growing up, we heard our parents constantly preaching to us about eating our fruits and vegetables. As adults, we thought we were rid of those annoying lectures. We never dreamed the responsibility of lecturing us on this importance of these foods was subsequently turned over to our doctor. After decades of having this thought drilled into our heads, we should have realized by now that maybe, just maybe, they knew what they were talking about.

Still, with today’s hectic schedules being crammed with more activities than ever before, it remains next to impossible to have enough of the good stuff on hand as well as the time to convert it all over to a well-balanced diet. While nothing can be done to slow down the sands of time, there is plenty that can be done about making fruits and vegetables readily available to us.

If we have our own garden, it only stands to reason that we would be more likely to consume those foods, right? But there are some major problems that many want-to-be gardeners face.

One: lack of space.

Two: the know-how to till and prepare the soil for a garden.

Three: the equipment to make it all come together.

The solution? Container gardening.

Container gardening does not require tilling, digging or weeding. So, if you don’t like getting too dirtied or muddied, this is the best way to grow plants. It requires less tools, supplies and materials. Thus, it’s more economical compared to regular gardening that requires tools such as spades, mower, rake or greenhouses.

This book covers

  • Advantages of Growing Plants in Containers
  • Container Garden Design
  • Which Plants Do Well in Containers
  • The Right Pots for Your Plants
  • Growing Strategies
  • Best Choices in Seeds
  • Maintenance Tactics

And Much More

Growing vegetables in container gardens adds aesthetic values to your living area. Some vegetables are not only edible but also ornamental. It is a great way of decorating your living area by arranging the plants and containers as you would a flower bouquet. With the right combination of plants, varying styles, size and color of the containers, you can add a versatile and original style to your house.

Growing vegetables in container gardens produces fresh and nutritious food and improves both your mental and physical health. It is a good recreation activity and the entire process of plating, growing and harvesting is very fulfilling. It also helps in increasing your biological, environmental and herbal knowledge that is useful for a healthy lifestyle.

Why go to all of the trouble when you can visit your supermarket and pick up anything you want? Because there are many advantages to growing your own food.

Some people might be skeptical at the thought of growing their own food. Don’t let the thought of being responsible for supplying many of your own vegetables sway your decision. This is actually a good thing. Once you recognize the many benefits that having your own garden has to offer, you will be on board.

Despite what you may believe, gardening is not that hard. Yes, it requires a certain measure of your time and a few resources, but in the end, what you reap will more than pay you back for what time and energy you have invested.

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